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What's Latifa Café

Latifa name was the chosen one for two reasons, the first one Latifa is the name of  Mr. Youssef I. Abu Hamra's daughter and the second is the meaning of Latifa as the translation of Latifa from Arabic means polite, gentle, caring, nice and so forth.. Which Latifa Café philosophy stands for because we care about our customers therefore we must be polite, gentle, caring and nice because we tend to represent exactly Latifa Café's name in the best professional way.

Latifa Café Activities & Specialties

Latifa Café was founded in 2007 by Mr.Youssef  Ibrahim Abu Hamra  who is the owner and managing director of the company .  Noticing the growing demand for fresh fruit juices, healthy options and cocktails in particular have experienced exponential growth lately in Kuwait and in many countries worldwide. Building on the great success of its first and existing Latifa Café Fahaheel N1as the flagship of the company and extremely popular in the entire 10th locality area.

 Serving made to order real fruit cocktails and fresh juices, Diet cocktails recipes, fruits salad boats, a selection of hot coffee drinks freshly pressed by the espresso machine, cold coffee cocktails drinks, shakes, cakes, cream desserts, doughnuts, fresh croissants for the early breakfast clients.                                                                                                                                                  Latifa Café has its own coffee mill, roasting fresh coffee beans to perfection for our dear customers to consume and enjoy. We have a range of special coffee for the Espresso type and the Turkish coffee type and the French mixture coffee as well. Latifa Café management is now looking to recruit enthusiastic new employees as the company grows slowly but surely.Latifa Café refreshment outlets serving freshly-prepared fruit juices , cocktail, shakes , all sort of coffees and   hot drinks in our four outlets already operating across Kuwait , Fahaheel, Mahboula, Gulf Road and several more to follow in the coming months especially our future new born  in the Boulevard Mall front of City Center Salmiya opening in the near future.  We provide 24 Hours delivery service to our customers anywhere they might be.

Latifa Café Philosophy and Business Strategy                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Latifa Café owes its growing popularity to the combined benefits of quality products, great taste, nutrition, service and convenience, which plug neatly into long-term consumer trends favoring functional food and drink convenience.
Latifa Cafe offers a clearly differentiated quality product with genuine competitive advantages. Our customers can clearly see and taste the difference, that's why they choose Latifa Café products! It is in fact a regular occurrence at our Cafes that people dump their drinks bought elsewhere and ask for one of our real stuff.   

Latifa Café Expansion Plans                                                                                                                   

Our growing sales figures are driven by strong consumer demand, great quality and service provider as well as by innovative and integrated marketing research. 
To expand its network, Latifa Café is seeking a prime locations spearhead its successful concept into new horizons nationwide and in the GCC.

Latifa Cafe Vision for the future

To be the number one Café in Kuwait and within top 5 in Middle East. To offer the best and friendly service in Kuwait.To be the example place of transparency with customer in Kuwait.                                                                                                                   To offer the best quality products in Kuwait.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   To be awarded the best clean and friendly environment Cafe in Kuwait.                                                                                                                  To be the best social place in Kuwait. To train to become the best employees to serve with a smile our customers.To open the 5th branch at the Boulevard Mall Salmyia by 2014 .                                                                              To be franchise café and be launched in the GCC market very soon.

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